A Flute Collection Sale!

Since I am 85 years young, no longer concertizing, and just teaching actively, my small collection of fine flutes and piccolos of all levels and prices is now for sale! These instruments are all in excellent playing condition, and have good regulation. All are either completely overhauled or serviced by my expert technician. All instruments are Classic, American-made, and in tune to A440. Please click here to visit my Flute Sales page now for more information.

Best Value and Quality for your Money

Flute Evaluation Criteria used by Jean
Necessary merits of flute need to be:

  1. Ease of Playing
  2. Accuracy of tonal ictus (immediacy of attack)
  3. Agility – mechanical response
  4. Durability
  5. Tonal Characteristics – This is usually influenced by the degree of silver, gold or other precious metals used to make the flute.
  6. Fair and affordable price

An important note about Silver and Sound
Most modern flutes marketed today are made of tubing which is electronically processed. Whereas older, classically made flutes are made of Smelted Silver (.925) or pure coin silver. The processing of the metals by older smelting methods definitely offers a different quality of sound production, quality, and ability to play with a variety of color and expressiveness. Most modern flutes of all levels have a brighter, louder, constant sound quality. The older classic flutes offer the player an opportunity to be more expressive, using embouchure and air to play a repertoire of different styles with an appropriate tone and projection.

So as you can see, in addition to my 6 criteria, the silver production is very important when I recommend flutes for sale.

Occasionally, I have very good quality used instruments, both flutes and piccolos for sale. Please inquire if you are interested, and check my “Sales” page, too. Keep in mind that used instruments do not have warranties or return privileges.

Since I am a recognized Affiliate and Independent Consultant for the Flute Center of NY, I can choose the best new or used flute for your needs. The only charges to my clients are the instrument’s purchase price, tax if applicable, and any shipping cost. My commission is paid by my supplier.

When you buy any flute from me, payment for the instrument may be consummated by use of PayPal™, cashier’s check or postal money order.

The Right Flute for the Right Flutist

Jean Antrim
Founding member of the Internationally acclaimed Rameau Trio, in addition to her extensive performing and teaching career, has been consulting, purchasing and advising clients on all aspects of choosing and purchasing modern Flutes and Baroque Traversi.

Jean’s services are done one to one, whether it is a parent seeking a student-level flute for their youngster, all the way to a professional who lacks the expertise to choose a flute that meets all of their needs. She will consult with prospective customers, consider all their needs, including financial and the player’s level. Her assistance can be offered from consultation to purchase, and all the steps in between, or consultation for a recommendation of a purchase.

If the client wishes to have Jean select a particular brand of flute, she can supply it, as she is not Brand dependent, or she can procure the brand that the client desires.

Jean’s Business Philosophy
The most important benefit of this website is to offer honest, expert sales advice and service in an effort to circumvent the lure of dealing with the “Virtual Marketplace”. Many times too much information elsewhere can be misleading and confusing.

With over 60 years of professional experience as a musician, teacher, and sales consultant, I am uniquely qualified to offer you personally tailored advice and service. I select a flute and complete the process with a successful purchase for you. My service is not brand specific, I can offer flutes and piccolos of most brands, and come in under price, always assuring you of the very best investment available.

A Retrospective for Future Clients
Over 70 years of both playing and selling experience has taught me many facts about my profession and the business end of this precarious field. Most importantly, due to the Internet and the tremendous amount of misinformation posted by nonprofessional or unscrupulous merchants, classically, quality artist produced and made flutes by historic and gifted flute builders, are being either drastically overlooked, or unreasonably criticized.

“BUYER BEWARE”. Please don’t allow yourself to be attracted by “Sparkle of metal or Volume of Sound”. And ALWAYS confirm your sources, get second opinions and read between the lines before believing every “critique” you read! A case in point is N.D Lamberson Flutes. A gifted builder of Custom made flutes, they are deep quality, technically perfect, providing the player with the pure sonority of sound, the agility of key work (plateau keys) and projection of tone, not to be found in even the higher level, higher-priced Silver instruments on the present-day market. And they are NOT IRREPAIRABLE, and are very stable, needing little repair. But being a bit softer metal, need the expertise of highly qualified technicians.

Vintage Haynes and Powells are also excellent choices for the discerning player who wants “IT ALL”. But, as with any handmade product, flutes differ in their many qualities and are best assessed by player-consultants, again, by those who have the best recommendations record and percentage of client satisfaction.

“The Right Flute for the Right Flutist.”

Important notice
“Howtobuyaflute.com” is primarily a sales site, with appropriate advice included with the purchase of a flute, not apart from it. My Client satisfaction and success rate of 100% is totally based on TRUST; of both my extensive experience and honest business ethic.

All students seen on this website play flutes purchased through me. My motto, “The Right Flute for the Right Flutist”, means I will always strive to provide a superior Value-Added Service to all my students and customers.