Learn to Play a Flute

Conservatory Standard Training in a Virtual Studio

Acclaimed concert Flutist Jean Antrim is now offering private, online flute instruction on Modern Flute and Piccolo via Skype®. Jean teaches Modern Flute, Piccolo, Baroque Flute, and Chamber music playing. Lessons are available using the traditional methods of J. J. Quantz from the 18th Century espoused and passed on by the most influential Schools of Flute Playing. Lessons focus on correctly produced tone, embouchure development; the building of technical skills through scales, arpeggios, sight reading, technical studies including the study of standard repertoire from all periods with an emphasis on stylistic interpretation and attention to period detail.

Outline of Services:

Accepted Levels of Study:

  • Motivated Child or Adult beginners
  • Motivated Intermediate Students
  • Adult Amateurs
  • Professional Coaching

Lesson Costs:

  • Initial Evaluation Lesson-$50.00
  • Hour-$65.00

NOTE: Payment is expected in advance via PayPal™.

Advance Scheduling Option:
Lessons may be scheduled 1, 2, 3 or 4 months in advance if desired.

Materials List:
A complete list of materials for each student will be furnished and may be purchased at FluteWorld.com

Media & Lesson Requirements:

  • Interested students must have a Microsoft Skype® account in order to connect with me via Skype
  • Your Skype® lesson environment must have sufficient light for clear viewing
  • A distraction free room for the duration of the lesson
  • An adjustable music stand

Cancellation Policy:
Advance notice of cancellation, rescheduling or the need for a postponed lesson time must be given via email a minimum of 12 hours in advance.

Scheduling Requirements:
All online lessons must be scheduled in advance with scheduling and payment confirmation provided.
Online lessons are available between the hours of 10AM – 5PM EST. Please schedule each lesson during the quietest part of YOUR day.

Due to the wide variation of internet service provider speeds, the teacher cannot be responsible for time lost due to electronic glitches, loss of signal or connection delays. Every attempt will be made to provide the best learning experience possible with individual consideration given should network issues arise. Note: I may not sell, handle, or teach on, all instrument brands. Please contact Jean personally for more information.

Let’s get started:
First, select your desired lesson, then click the Buy Now button:

When your transaction is complete you will be able to set up your lesson schedule.

Lauren Sternad, from New Jersey
Taking her on-line Skype lesson with Jean, who has taught her from her beginning in 5th grade, and is now an advanced High School Marching Band / Wind Ensemble player.

Testimonial from a proud student’s Mom –

Jean –

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the recital on Sunday. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how a whole year’s work comes together. I also like how you set it up – from the least experienced to the most experienced. It’s great to really see how far Z. Lily has come when I heard Libby W. – to where she could go – Emma O. Emma was wonderful. Z. Lily was really proud, too!

Thanks for all of your hard work. You are a gem!!

Candy P.

And one from a happy student

A lesson with Miss Jean is well worth the modest investment (actually, it’s more reasonable than what I pay my kids’ teachers for face-to-face lessons), and the Skype® format works incredibly well. Believe me, nothing gets past this woman; she is as sharp as a tack!

Laura J.

Words of Wisdom from my teacher, Samuel Baron, to you.

What is Practicing?
Practicing is essentially repetition – you repeat things over and over. There is a goal in this activity. Through repetition you achieve something that might be called a groove in the brain or a habit.

What are the benefits of practice?
Through practice we achieve a oneness with the instrument and the music. Imagine the time you spend with your flute as talking to it. You will soon realize that you have talked to the flute more than you have talked to your spouse or children, your mother or your father, your best friend or your sweetheart. That flute is your best friend, and the time you spend with it is bonding. That’s what we’re after as flutists and musicians.