Baroque Chamber Music

Recorded by The Rameau Trio on MMO Records.

These 6 albums of Baroque Chamber Music and Solos were recorded with my internationally famous Rameau Trio. Jean Antrim: flute, Jocelyn Chaparro: harpsichord, Fortunato Arico and Mary Springfels: viola da Gamba, and Virginia Brewer: oboe.

The Rameau Trio was the first group recording for MMO Records to include a complete performance followed by the minus solo flute, for each recording. So you will hear the complete set of pieces and then be able to fill in the solo flute parts yourself.

These digitally remastered CDs give the competently-trained Flutist a unique playing experience, as well as instruction and demonstration of the true Baroque style of chamber music, both aurally and within the enclosed manuscript.

Try a set and learn some rarely-performed chamber music for this combination, and experience the joy of playing this beautiful music that we have preserved for you!

Jean Antrim

TELEMANN Concerto No. 1 in D
Performed by Rameau Trio: Jean Antrim, flute

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All music and instruction edited by Jean, and all albums have been reviewed and digitally remastered by Sony.

Note: Most of the recordings were done with one take, we didn’t allow or need to have much editing, as we wanted to be as perfect as possible the first time through, thus assuring the spontaneity and presence of a live performance! And we achieved that goal. It took 3 months to record all this material, done at a studio near Lincoln Center. The music was recorded through the night due to the daytime noise of the city.