My client and student Ruth playing at Sanders Theater, Boston with her recently purchased Haynes Flute.

As a teenager, I used to spend Sundays listening to recordings in the basement of Boston Public Library and my favorites were from the Music Minus One Series recorded by flutist Jean Antrim. I listened to many flute players: Jean Pierre-Rampal, James Galway, and Sam Baron. The ones with Jean Antrim were my favorite and I wore those recordings out (they’ve since been reissued).

I played flute in college and as an amateur after college. Then my faithful DeFord, at age 40, was failing and I had a Harvard Summer Orchestra audition coming up. I went to google and typed in “how to buy a flute” and up came Jean Antrim’s web site. On the web page was a Selmer Omega, all silver, engraved lip plate and all for $1,000. I emailed and to my surprise Miss Jean called me up, realizing I was local. I took the commuter rail to Gloucester to get it, aced my audition and loved my new flute.

This past summer I fulfilled another dream-to have a Haynes flute. Now I have a 1974 reconditioned Haynes open hole, a 1937 Haynes closed hole and a beautifully in-tune Pearl piccolo-considerably under the budget I set aside. These instruments send me to my happy zone-they are beautiful and so easy to play. Miss Jean carefully curates the instruments that she has in her small shop.

And most exciting of all, Miss Jean took me on as her student. Even etudes are fun on these instruments! And who knew that years after I heard Miss Jean, I would one day play duets with her in real-time!

Ruth Levitsky,
Quincy, MA

I have been studying with Jean for over 3 years now, and to say that I am pleased is a vast understatement. I have studied 3 instruments in the past many years and she is by far the most accomplished teacher I have ever met. She works my weaknesses, which is what an excellent teacher does. I couldn’t be happier with my progress.

I have bought several flutes from Jean. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of flute making, design, and playing. She is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me buy flutes that are perfect for me and my playing. I would never buy another flute without consulting her first.

Maine, U.S.A.

Jean is an amazing teacher who knows how to motivate her students. God Bless her.

Gloucester, MA.

Dear Miss Jean.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful pre-owned Gemeinhardt piccolo. It arrived perfectly reconditioned, tuned, and ready to play, just as it appeared in your Skype video chat. In addition, we really appreciate the way you went above and beyond to provide us with a brand new case at no additional charge. I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face on Christmas morning. She is going to be over the moon!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New York

Hi. Here’s a pix of Eva J. at her age 9 party, daughter of my adult student Laura, returned to me after 30 years. Laura was also 9 when I taught her in NJ so many years ago. She has found me on Google and is studying with me again via Skype at the age of 47. How lucky is that for a teacher to be rewarded with such loyalty and love!! Laura suffered mild brain damage in a snowboarding accident, yet she is thriving and achieving many milestones. Her doctors have credited me with some of her progress, and I am truly humbled.

Laura J.

Commenting on a You-Tube® performance by Jean and Jennifer Ober, Pianist, of “Soon, Very Soon” By Joel Raney. I love your energetic, cool style, and full supported sound – experience and great training show! Joel Raney’s settings are among my favorites and I recently got both volumes of Flute Stylings as a gift. Keep playing forever, and post some more!

Paula Finch, Flutist

I had a very good experience recently. I was in need of a new flute. I had no idea what to buy. I came across Mrs. Jean Antrim’s website. I emailed her and she spent copious amounts of time answering my questions. She was very patient and kind. We must have emailed back and forth for about two weeks or so. Finally, I felt very confident that the Brio B3 AR0007 Special was just the right flute for me. It has a magnificent sound. Anyone would be happy with the Brio.

North Carolina

Dear Jean,

I have never had a teacher as brilliant and positive and encouraging as you have been. I look forward to our lessons very much – You truly are blessed with more than just the talent of playing but the Graces of knowing how to teach. I only hope I can emulate you by a 10th and I will be happy. I am really looking forward to 2015 because I will have music back in my being – God bless you many times over. You are a very special person.

As ever,
Maureen Kathryn

Hi Jean,

Now that we’ve had time to settle-in with the flute, I feel confident in agreeing that your suggestion was the best choice for our son. The flute was a big step up from the one provided by the school, and his private teacher was impressed with getting a nice sounding, solid silver, appropriately featured flute for about 1/4 of the price range he was originally suggesting we purchase. The Armstrong you suggested was at a price range that allows our son to take it to school on a regular basis, which would not be the case for the teacher-suggested models. He later won a professional headjoint from Haynes at the end-of-the-year Boston Flute Academy Gala, which fit his flute perfectly. (No tape or adjustments needed.) Since we took your suggestion to get a solid silver flute, rather than plated, from the start, it is a great match, and he now has an outstanding flute body/headjoint combination that should last him for quite some time for what now feels like a very reasonable price. And it is a much better value than if we had selected probably anything else.

The flute has given Kailash something to focus on while the attention has been on other things, and he seems to be flourishing.

Mike N.
Cambridge, MA

I thought I’d never find the right flute, and then, I found Jean Antrim. Prior to finding Jean through her website, I had been searching for a flute on my own for many years. I had wanted a flute that felt as comfortable as the student model I was accustomed to playing (for thirty-one years) but was higher quality with a professional sound. I would look for a while, get frustrated, and give up. I contacted several music teachers, instrument repairmen and music store personnel. I spoke with other flutists. I did constant Internet searches. No one could recommend a flute that suited me. By the time I contacted Jean, I assumed “my flute” did not exist. She knew immediately that my flute did, in fact, exist and just happened to have one for sale! Jean is a true flute expert. She is a professional level flutist, understands the construction of flutes and is able to perfectly match a flute to a person. It is also evident that she truly enjoys what she does: teaching and inspiring others to play the flute. I will be eternally grateful to Jean for the time, expertise and compassion that she devoted to me.

Denise S.
First Chair Flutist for a
volunteer orchestra in PA

Dear Jean,

Thank you SOOOO much for all your help and EXPERTISE!! I really didn’t know where to begin until I found your web site!! I’m sure this flute will bring me lots of joy and happiness in years to come!

Love, Janine P.

Hi Jean,

I do love my new flute!! Having been “burnt” once before trying to buy a flute on line, I was not willing to go it alone again. I knew that you had high standards and would ensure that the flute I got was as described, and that it was the best flute for me in the price range I had in mind.

from Exeter NH and a
repeat, upgrading client.

Aloha Jean:

My flute is fantastic! My teacher has played it for me twice and he says its a good one, he was impressed with the “beautiful low register.” I’m really happy I got it and pleased you put up with all my “mental-ness” before I bought it. I got it before my audition and made it into the jazz band. It is so much fun! A lot of hard work, but really fun. You can give anyone my email address (but don’t post it) and I will tell them how knowledgeable and helpful you really are. I can’t believe you even sent me a refund check for my overpayment! No one has ever done that! When I’m ready for my next step-up, it will be an all silver Brio! from YOU!

P.S. Save one for me.

Jean Antrim not only has the knowledge and experience but an uncanny instinct and ear as well for assessing flutes according to merit and suitability of purpose. Her vast experience as a performer and teacher combined with her talent for matching up the right instrument with the right player according to their current needs, from child beginner to professional, make her the ideal consultant for everyone serious about getting a flute.

Jocelyn Chaparro

I enthusiastically recommend Jean Antrim at howtobuyaflute.com for all flutists of any age and skill level. You can count on her to give her very best, which will only make your flute purchasing, and playing, experience phenomenal. And, as if she’s not enough, she has a team of specialists that work with her and together they can meet any need you may ever have. Rest assured, Jean is just as accessible after the sale as she was prior to the sale. Her heart is to truly match the right flute to the right person so that we all produce beautiful music and perpetuate a love for music. I am thankful to God for bringing Jean into my life and her wonderful associates who helped to make my dream a reality. I am well on my way to reaching my mountain top and have plans to play melodies from heaven on a beautiful instrument that will carry me through the rest of my life.