Flute, Piccolo, and Baroque Flute Sales

None of the instruments on this page were made in Asia.

A Flute Collection Sale!

Since I am 85 years young, no longer concertizing, and just teaching actively, my small collection of fine flutes and piccolos of all levels and prices is now for sale! These instruments are all in excellent playing condition, and have good regulation. All are either completely overhauled or serviced by my expert technician. All instruments are Classic, American-made, and in tune to A440.

My collection includes:

  • 2 Student Armstrong flutes, C foot plated – $200.00 each.
  • Several student model C Piccolos, Bundy Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, either metal or composition. Make an offer.
  • 2 Selmer Omega Flutes. S. Silver, Gold engraved lip plate, B foot, inline G, in double cases- these are from their proprietary line of flutes. $1,000. each or BO.
  • SOLD N.D Lamberson #464. Coin Silver, Gold Lip plate, B foot, Tuned to A440. This instrument is an example of his best work.
  • N.D. Lamberson “Goldie” #269. White Gold 14K Flute, it has S. Silver keys and embouchure plate. The only word for this one is “Spectacular”. It has been completely overhauled by a Lamberson technician. In line G, B foot, A440, in an original handmade wooden double case, and also has a double Powell-type case. Playing is believing with this rare, professional flute.

    Fairly Priced at $18,000.00. There have already been several serious flutists interested in this instrument. It’s “First-come, First-served”.

Many of these fine instruments are described in more detail, along with photographs, below. All instruments may be demonstrated via SKYPE by Jean, in person, or by trial arrangement, expenses to be paid by the requestor. I would appreciate serious buyers only.

Classic V.Q . Powell Flute


A very special Classic V.Q. Powell Flute. This instrument, serial number 1695, was most likely made by Powell himself and Elmer Waterhouse.

It is a commercial model C Foot Joint, open holes, in-line G Key and is Sterling Silver, heavy wall .18. It has a fine mellow quality to its sound but also displays color, a quick ictus, and nuance. It is pitched at A440, and contains the original Powell scale. From C1 to C4 and C#4 and sometimes a reliable D4. The range is amazing!

A Baroque Traverso


A Grenser copy, 4 section Boxwood and Ivory Flute, this is pitched for 440 A tuning. It was made by Ralph Sweet in 1970 and is serial number 5053.

It is true in pitch, tone, and quality, and comes in a velvet case.

Gemeinhardt Classic 4P C Piccolo


A fantastic sale for an American-Made fantastic Piccolo. This Gemeinhardt Classic (Made around 1970) 4P C Piccolo is a really fine example of a composition Piccolo with the tonal qualities of wood. It is in perfect playing condition, and is appropriate for adult amateur to professional players. Bright to mellow tone, it has it all.


Rare American-Made Professional C Piccolo


This instrument is a Brio B21, one of only 70 made under the now discontinued Brio line by Gemeinhardt. It has a composite body, plated keys and a silver head joint, with a cork tenon and outer joint. This Piccolo is pitched in tune to A440, has a very resonant lower register, and all the brightness thru the upper range needed for professional performance, and it does it with ease!!

Don’t miss this little beauty, which comes equipped with a leather-covered Powell inner case, leather outer carry case, silk cleaning cloth and tiny cork grease.

Gemeinhardt C Piccolo for summer sale!


A sterling silver C piccolo, professional level instrument tunes to A 440, plays easily, has a nice clear tone, and can be mellow with the correct embouchure.

This instrument is in excellent condition. Made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, the serial number is #60369.

The complete package includes a fine case and free shipping in the USA.

N.D. Lamberson White Gold Flute #269

Custom handmade by N.D. Lamberson, with S.Silver keys and mechanism, in-line G, B Foot. Perfectly serviced, this is a spectacular sounding and playing flute. A rarity for gold sound, this flute offers a variety of tonal color and projection rarely found in most gold flutes. It is fleet for the fingers and perfectly in tune to A440.

Fairly Priced at $18,000.00. Call Jean now at 978-865-3479 for more pix and to purchase this very fine instrument. For Skype owners, Jean will demonstrate and play this rare instrument for you.


N.D. Lamberson Flute #464

Completely reconditioned, playing beautifully. Another collectors item as well as a superb instrument. Made in America of softer Silver, 14k. gold Embouchure plate and head cap, B Foot, inline G Key and lovely original case.

Remember these custom flutes, with B foot, are about 1½ inch longer, adding to the sonority of the lower register and projection ability – the beautiful tone quality is unsurpassed.

Used Armstrong Model C Piccolo


Silver plated, all overhauled, good tone, in a new case. This piccolo is a cylindrical Band Piccolo, sturdy and reliable enough for student use. Pitched at A440. Plays a great high register!

Fairly priced at $350.


Gemeinhardt C Piccolo


A very fine Gemeinhardt C Piccolo. It has a silver-plated headjoint with traditional lip plate and a composite conical bore body. Naturally, made in the USA!

This is truly a Musical Instrument. It has excellent pure tone, agility, and projection.


Selmer Omega Flute, Serial #3657

Made in France in 1945, a really fine flute for the adult or student player. It is Sterling Silver, gold engraved Lip Plate and Body, B foot in line G key, heavy wall, giving it a deep, rich tone, but all octaves sound clear and true. Pops right up to a C#4 with ease!

Fairly priced at $3000 (or best reasonable offer). Don’t miss this beauty, it won’t last long. Price includes a new single case with lambs wool outer carrying case.


Used Armstrong #103 Flute

Closed holes, C Foot, silver plated, all reconditioned, good for beginning flutists.

Used Selmer Bundy C Piccolo


Made in the USA, this older Selmer Bundy C Band piccolo, is ready to play for you. It has a good solid tone, is in tune to A440, silver-plated, and in great condition.

Comes in a clean case and has its own tuning/cleaning rod.

Fairly priced at $275.

Contact me via email: for further info and sales. Additional pictures upon request.


An important note about Silver and Sound
Most modern flutes marketed today are made of tubing which is electronically processed. Whereas older, classically made flutes are made of Smelted Silver (.925) or pure coin silver. The processing of the metals, by modern electronic means or older smelting methods, definitely offers a different quality of sound production, quality, and ability to play with a variety of color and expressiveness. Most modern flutes of all levels have a brighter, louder, constant sound quality. The older classic flutes offer the player an opportunity to be more expressive, using embouchure and air to play a repertoire of different styles with an appropriate tone and projection. So as you can see, in addition to my 6 criteria, the silver production is very important when I recommend flutes for sale.

Please note: I am a small operation, and I don’t take used instruments in trade, or resell used flutes and piccolos to sell new instruments. I can, however, recommend consignment opportunities for prospective customers to explore on their own. Gold flutes can be provided by personal request.

It has come to my attention that a name brand Asian flute company which markets high-end Sterling Silver flutes in the $4,000.00 range is also selling plastic, aluminum anodized flutes with plastic keys for $800.00 to over one thousand dollars! These flutes play badly, are not repairable, and are basically toys.

They are being sold at one of the last remaining large, nationwide Music Chains. One was recently purchased in their store by an innocent student’s parent in New Jersey. Some also come in colors, and are basically junk!

Buyers please beware!

When you buy a flute from me, payment for new instruments may be consummated by use of PayPal™, cashier’s check, or postal money order. Used instruments, or instruments personally owned by me, may be paid for by use of cashier’s check or postal money order.